Who is Priy-Anka?

After romancing varied streams for 14 years, Priyanka Acharya finally married her first love – Learning & Development.

Priyanka holds 2 post-graduation degrees, prior rich industry experience in the roles of Business Analyst – Pre-Sales Specialist – Content Manager – Professor – Corporate Trainer.

In 2019, she incorporated Priy-Anka Consulting Co to help professionals with “personalized” consulting services. Currently, Priyanka is India’s first Health Insurance PROFESSIONALISM Trainer who is on a mission to enable AGENTS to become PROFESSIONALS!

Why Health Insurance Trainer?

Health Insurance is a product necessary in each and every family. Yet, because of the SALES PUSH and the UNCERTAINTY of SERVICING, families delay buying Health Insurance. She believes that doctors, architects, accountants & all other professionals – get reputation & respect. But Mediclaim agents are always avoided or even ‘blocked’! The only reason is that the Mediclaim profession does not have a formal EDUCATION. Hence, she conducts CURRICULUM-based courses in English/Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati to help Mediclaim advisors! Her name means Favorite (Priy) – Episode (Anka) and hence, she is on a mission to become a FAVORITE EPISODE in every professional story.