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Motivation in simple terms is the feel good factor that encourages one to continue the effort and sustain it.

Is it really necessary that money is the motivator? Is it that money drives the machine called man? Lets explore…

Lot of activities, games, workbooks, outbound activities are planned to motivate a person. Perceptions and judgements are altered, mind is basically opened up to accept thoughts and thereby motivate a person to love what he/she is expected to do. 

The presumption is that a sales executive will be motivated to exceed targets, the operations incharge will boost production capacity and quality standards, the human resource manager shall adapt best employer practices, the finance manager will boost profitability & maintain cost benefit standards. With all the functions in place, the strategist, consultant and top management would be motivated to reward them handsomely. The job seekers will be motivated to join this robust organization and customers, suppliers shall be motivated to associate with this organization as well! 

What a perfect picture!!


  • A pioneer welcomes monetary losses of gestation and chooses not to give up
  • A student puts numerous hours in achieving merits and certificates which doesn’t really guarantee a hefty salary package
  • An artist doesn’t care about anything but perfection of his visual on the canvas
  • A doctor cares to save and nurture a life during a critical surgery
  • A woman strongly supports the bread winner during any financial crisis in the family leaving aside her dreams.

Countless examples exist where the person is so motivated that money becomes secondary. The PASSION-PAIN-PERSEVERANCE are enough to motivate the individual with no heed to PENNY factor involved.

So where does MONEY get an entry point in this architecture??

In the above cases, the PASSION-PAIN-PERSEVERANCE are enough to bind the INTERPERSONAL and INTRAPERSONAL forces. These forces are a result of the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ clarity & consciousness that overshadows the WIIFM (What’s in it for me) obstacles. However, these are temporary phases which can’t lead to a permanent motivation.

Benjamin Franklin quotes “Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.”

If we don’t wish to reach this extreme situation full of stress, the analogy of a SANDWICH would help. Two breads are incomplete without a tangy filling, and vice-versa! Let us understand the INTERDEPENDENCE of three variables viz. Interpersonal drives, Money and Intrapersonal drives. Continuing the above cases,

  • The pioneer masters the art of GETTING THINGS DONE (GTD) is successful when the people working for you are paid well, feel good and show a sense of pride while working for your brand.
  • A student puts in efforts to get through an institution which has excellent placement and package records to learn, earn and build a societal status.
  • If an artist earns well, it opens the doors to exploring & mastering the art, invest in better props and gain a value proposition amongst art lovers.
  • A doctor can equip better ways and means for treatment, earn better and invest bigger to facilitate community service.
  • The woman is of much bigger financial help during crisis, even take the family out of the adversity and regain the standard of living.

Without two breads of interpersonal and intrapersonal PURPOSE, the filling of money gains no importance. Similarly, the two breads can add no TASTE if the ‘MONEY MASALA’ is absent.

Many businesses try to apply cheese & butter to these breads but the SPICE ROUTE is still absent to SUSTAIN the motivation. Adjust the cheese-chilly-chutneys to add fragrance to the breads, Don’t forget the Masala!!

Happy cooking !! 😉

Start-Ups don’t Fail, The ‘Stop-Downs’​ Do…

Thanks to the profession of Learning & Development, I am exposed to many startup stories and I see a common thread in most of them! All of them :

1) STARTED with a basic Idea + few easy prospects around + Advanced Enthusiasm

2) Were told either that the idea is too common OR idea is too offbeat to be able to sustain any market

3) Moved ahead with “I will show you what I can do with this idea!” attitude – which honestly BLURRED their actual internalized VISION for the venture!

4) Had a broad aspiration to remove this ‘Startup’ status to become an established LISTED Brand!

5) Started with something else, and the venture shaped up to something entirely different!

6) Had very restricted Cash flows to manage from!

7) Saw the Startup Story moving on to become a ‘Struggler Story’ as time passes by!

With all these 7 WONDERS omnipresent, there is just one little factor that differentiates ‘Successful’ startups from the wholesale bulk of unsuccessful ones – That is, the openness to “START” & “MOVE UPWARD” over the constant internal fear of “Kahin STOP ya DOWN na ho Jaaye”! If we build a “START + UP” perspective of the above 7 wonders, the startup owner thoughts could be:

1) Now that I have jumped in this pool, let me focus on my movements to swim through rather than cribbing on the temperature of the water!

2) Common ideas means easier market ‘acceptability’, uncommon idea means easier market ‘accessibility’! Ultimately, the conviction matters!

3) Focus on your efforts and quality, let success make its own noise!

4) Well, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Even if we live in the era of super technology, the thought still hasn’t gone out of fashion!

5) Innovation is nice, but not at the cost of diluting the entire purpose of your START..

6) Funds is always a Tricky problem to each business but I’d just say: Concentrate on YOURSELF being good buyers & timely payers. The payees will take inspiration! ‘Buffer’ will help you avoid the ‘Suffer’

7) DAILY Start with a question “Are you EMPOWERING your Startup & How?”

Well, your START UP is like your baby; but avoid being an obsessed parent! GROW UP to Excellence! Good Luck!

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