Priy-Anka’s Health Insurance Focus

Health Insurance Industry Challenges:

1. No Consistent Education
2. Low Premiums, Low Payouts
3. SIDE Business…
4. Complications of Claims and Servicing
5. Every year Renewal is like a NEW SALE

Health Insurance Industry Benefits

1. Government of India taking steps to increase Health Insurance seriousness
2. Awareness has increased, thanks to Covid-19
3. Newer plans being launched
4. Terms & Conditions is made easier
5. A product which is a MUST in each and every family
6. Lakhs of families waiting for the right guidance & professional advice!

What is Priy-Anka Consulting Co?

Priy-Anka Consulting Co. is the brainchild of Priyanka Acharya – a learning professional with 13 years of experience, 12000+ participants, 2 postgraduate degrees, 17 research papers published! Looking at the way families sideline buying health insurance AND advisors sidelining Mediclaim Sales, Priyanka
decided to make a positive difference!
Priyanka is INDIA’s FIRST FACILITATOR enabling Health Insurance AGENTS to become PROFESSIONALS. The courses are designed to make the profession simple, successful & respectable!
Priyanka Acharya – India’s first #HealthInsurance Professionalism Trainer
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What do you get?

🎙️Online LIVE Sessions with practical exercises and learning

📚Assignments to stay connected to the education system

📑The study material that is unique across the entire industry

⁉️All your questions personally sorted within 48 hours!

🔱Revisions regularly

🎙️ Summary recording for each session

🕹️Only 1 Or 2 session in a week to make implementation easy

📝TESTS in every course so you attend seriously and learn completely

In short, a sure shot way to make a mark in Mediclaim industry!

Thousands of Health Insurance Advisors in India worry about low premiums – low commissions & stressful renewals

But you know what!

Health Insurance is the most important product for each family & awareness has gone up after Corona pandemic

These are golden years to grow your Mediclaim business! 

I am Priy-Anka, India’s FIRST Health Insurance Trainer – an educator on a MISSION to enable AGENTS to become PROFESSIONALS!

And first time across the industry, I am launching for you: MBA – Mediclaim Business Administration

I have 6-course varieties – see what suits you:

  1. Welcome MBA:

1 month | new advisors who have joined Mediclaim business in past 6 months | 1 session in a week | Total 4 sessions

  1. Naye Zamane ka MBA

1 month – 4 sessions | For experienced advisors | BECAUSE Traditional Mediclaim Sales techniques don’t work anymore! Learn Modern Techniques

  1. Fast Forward MBA

1.5 months – 12 sessions | Learn main topics QUICKLY | Grow Mediclaim business by securing families!

  1. MBA

4 months – 16 sessions | Learn art, science and format of Mediclaim business | Long course for longer benefits

  1. Super MBA

6 months – 24 sessions | in-depth complete knowledge of Mediclaim industry | making profitable business | full systematic approach to create history

  1. Leaders MBA

2 months – 8 sessions | Only for Development officers/Team Leaders/Sales Managers | create, manage, activate and grow advisor teams